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Commonwealth Community Trust

Joanne Marcus

Commonwealth Community Trust

Joanne Marcus

Commonwealth Community Trust


Joanne Marcus has served as President/CEO of Commonwealth Community Trust (CCT) for 22 years. Ms. Marcus brings to CCT over 40 years of experience in nonprofit administration. Under her leadership, the agency has grown to provide trust administration services to over 2,000 beneficiaries throughout the United States.

As a nationally recognized speaker, Ms. Marcus is frequently asked to make presentations to national and regional professional associations and universities such as the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), Academy of Special Needs Planners (ASNP), Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group (WILG), Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA), North Carolina Advocates for Justice, Financial Planning Association of Central Virginia, American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys (AAEPA), Stetson University College of Law, and The University of Texas School of Law.

Ms. Marcus has published articles on a variety of topics related to Special Needs Trust Planning and Pooled Special Needs Trusts. The following are a few examples: “How the Elder Law Attorney Can Help the Personal Injury Attorney” (NAELA News), “Nesting a Medicare Set-Aside Inside a Pooled Special Needs Trust (NAMSAP), “The Disbursement Process” (NAELA News), “Enriching Quality of Life and Protecting Medicaid and SSI” (Veteran Family Matters), and “The Benefits of a Pooled Special Needs Trust for Clients with Special Needs” (Workers’ F1RST Watch Magazine, a WILG publication).

Firm Description

Commonwealth Community Trust (CCT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that administers affordable and efficient Pooled Special Needs TrustsWe serve clients with special needs throughout the United States.

CCT was founded in 1990 by parents of children with special needs and concerned members of the community.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of legal and financial professionals who work in the special needs field and serve with a caring heart and without compensation. At least two board members are related to individuals with special needs.

Staff members act as trust administrators and are knowledgeable about the rules governing Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid for clients who receive these means-tested government benefits.

The Client Services team is committed to serving each client with kindness, honesty, empathy, respect, and integrity. Our staff are experienced in their fields and possess advanced degrees in Social Work, Public Administration, and Education. The Director of Client Services is a licensed attorney with many years of experience assisting individuals and their families while in private practice as an Elder Law attorney. In addition, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker assists beneficiaries who are in crisis and in need of additional services.

CCT offers four main trusts:

  • First-Party, funded by the individual with their own funds
  • Third-Party, funded on behalf of the beneficiary with third party funds
  • Medicare Set-Aside, funded with proceeds from a worker's compensation or liability lawsuit when Medicare is at stake
  • Military Survivor Benefits Plan, funded with payments from a military survivor benefit plan

Please visit our comprehensive, easy-to-navigate website at www.trustcct.org to learn more CCT’s pooled special needs trusts and our client-focused services.

Our website includes the following:

  1. Process of Joining
  2. Fee Schedule
  3. Disbursement Information
  4. Master Trust Agreement
  5. Information to assist attorneys with representation of their clients

If you represent an individual with a disability and are concerned about maintaining their SSI and Medicaid, or if they're unable to manage their own assets, visit our website or call to speak with one of our new client representatives..


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