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Attorney Dawn Hewitt's Profile

Dawn Hewitt View Profile  

Chayet & Danzo, LLC
650 S. Cherry St.
Suite 710
Denver, CO 80246

Profession LogoATTORNEY

Dawn Hewitt joined the firm as a law clerk in the summer of 2004. She graduated from Stetson University College of Law in St. Petersburg, Florida in July 2005. More »

Financial Planner Kevne Sharpe, CFP®, ChSNC®'s Profile

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Presidential Wealth Management
5445 DTC Parkway
Suite #1100
Greenwood Village, CO 80111


Kevne Sharpe has been providing financial guidance and coaching to individual investors, small business owners and other financial advisors for more than two decades. More »

Attorney Rebecca Shandrick's Profile

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Law Offices of Rebecca L. Shandrick
950 South Cherry Street
Suite 714
Denver, CO 80246

Profession LogoATTORNEY

Rebecca L. Shandrick has been practicing law since she graduated from the University of Colorado School of Law in 1982 and was Articles Editor of the University of Colorado Law Review. She began her legal career as an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Aurora, Colorado. More »

Financial Planner Melissa Jane Edelman, CLU, ChSNC®'s Profile

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Special Needs Planning Partners
4600 S Ulster Street
Suite 1200
Denver, CO 80237


Attorney Marco Chayet's Profile

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Chayet & Danzo, LLC
650 S. Cherry St.
Suite 710
Denver, CO 80246

Profession LogoATTORNEY

During law school, Mr. Chayet's grandmother, Letty Milstein, was the principle party in one of the most controversial and well known elder law cases in the state of Colorado. The Estate of Milstein v. Ayers, 955 P.2d 78 (Colo. App. More »

Financial Planner James Fanning  CFP®, CRPC®, ChSNC®'s Profile

James Fanning CFP®, CRPC®, ChSNC® View Profile  

Retirement & Estate Advisors
4703 Boardwalk Drive Bldg B, Suite 1
Fort Collins, CO 80525


James specializes in Retirement and Special Needs financial planning. More »

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