Kathryn Humecki, CFP®, ChSNC®, CPA

Kathryn Humecki & Associates, Ltd.

Kathryn Humecki, CFP®, ChSNC®, CPA

Kathryn Humecki & Associates, Ltd.

Kathryn Humecki, CFP®, ChSNC®, CPA

Kathryn Humecki & Associates, Ltd.


If you wanted to describe Kathryn E. Humecki & Associates, Ltd, you might use the word “driven”. Every day we challenge ourselves to learn more and do more to serve our clients.

Kathryn’s own story embodies this goal. After 15 years as a postal worker, she decided to pursue something she might enjoy and spent nights and weekends studying to get a degree in accounting. She got her CPA license shortly after and opened her firm in 2005.

Although she enjoyed tax planning, her clients still needed a lot of financial guidance. They’d gone to other advisors but always felt like they were only getting a sales pitch. Couldn’t she help them plan for retirement as well? Never one to turn away a client in need, she got her financial planning licenses and expanded her practice to provide holistic wealth management.

It wasn’t much later that Kathryn’s own family compelled her to expand her area of expertise. Her sister, Laura, had been born with an intellectual disability and wasn’t able to take care of herself. She’d always lived with their mother, but Kathryn would soon be taking over the role of care provider.

What started as an effort to find daytime care for Laura turned into the realization that there were lots of government support and services available if they’d only known. Although her mom had hired a planner, there wasn’t even a financial provision in place for Laura’s future. That’s when Kathryn realized what a significant gap there was in knowledgeable help for families like hers. She decided to dedicate herself to the work. Once again, KHA would expand their area of expertise — this time in special needs planning.

Ashton, too, is committed to providing exceptional financial advice to our clients. At just 20, she joined KHA while putting herself through school. She’s now a licensed CPA and a cum laude graduate with a Bachelor’s in Accounting. She also has a Master of Business Administration in Accounting and is a junior partner at the firm.

Together, they’ve built KHA into one of the leading firms in the area. Our high standards, devotion and specialized staff make the difference between our outstanding service and that of other firms. It’s reflected in our reputation and the high standards we demand of ourselves, which is what we deliver to you.

Firm Description

From One Special Needs Family to Another

We have first-hand knowledge of the challenges and the joys that can come from caring for a love one with special needs. Our planning process was designed through our expertise in wealth management and tax planning and the personal experience of providing for a sibling with an intellectual disability.

Whether you’re just starting your family, or you’ve recently taken guardianship of a love one, we can help you navigate the complex, and often costly, world of special needs planning.

Our Multi-Generational Planning Process Includes:

  • Understanding the goals you have for yourself and your special needs family member
  • Developing a Life Plan for the individual with special needs
  • Identifying gaps between personal benefits and government benefits
  • Providing support and resources
  • Reviewing your financial means and expenses
  • Developing investment, insurance and tax strategies to fill those gaps
  • Working with attorneys to implement a special needs trust
  • Planning for a comfortable retirement for you and your family member
  • Meeting periodically to ensure you’re still on track and have the support you and your family need

One thing we have learned along the way — it’s critical to start planning as soon as possible to minimize the financial implications of caring for a family member with special needs.


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Please contact me at Kathryn@khacpa.com or (708) 748-7094

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