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Attorney Christopher L.  Ray's Profile

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Fitzwater Law
6400 SE Lake Road
Suite 440
Portland, OR 97222

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My practice at Fitzwater Law concentrates on special needs planning, probate, Medicaid, and adult guardianship and conservatorship matters.  I have always enjoyed working with individuals and families to help loved ones. More »

Attorney Eric M. Kearney's Profile

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Law Office of Eric M. Kearney
4511 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Ste 206B
Portland, OR 97215

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Eric is an Elder Law attorney in Portland Oregon. His practice emphasizes Guardianships and Conservatorships, Medicaid, and Long-term care and Disability planning. More »

Attorney Julie Meyer Rowett's Profile

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Oregon Elder Law
2173 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232

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Bio coming soon ! More »

Attorney Tabitha Koh's Profile

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Bouneff, Chally & Koh
2722 NE 33rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97212

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Tabitha is licensed to practice law in Oregon, Washington, and California. Her practice areas include adoption, surrogacy, and assisted reproductive technology, as well as estate planning and probate. More »

Financial Planner Alisha Langford ChSNC's Profile

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Palladio Group
5200 SW Macadam Avenue
Suite 450
Portland, OR 97239


Alisha Langford earned her Bachelor of Science degree and double-majored in Business Management & Leadership and Human Resource Management from Portland State University.  Alisha has two daughters, Ashlynn whom experiences Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and Lily. More »

Attorney Elizabeth  M Jessop's Profile

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Law Office of Elizabeth M. Jessop, LLC
4511 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Suite 215
Portland, OR 97215

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Bio Coming Soon ! More »

Attorney Tim Nay's Profile

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Law Offices of Nay and Friedenberg

ASNP Advisory Board Member

6500 SW Macadam Ave.
Suite 300
Portland, OR 97239

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Tim has combined decades of clinical social work experience and legal expertise to develop an insightful, innovative and people-friendly approach to assisting his clients. More »

Financial Planner Connor Kavanaugh CTFA, ChSNC's Profile

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Palladio Group
5200 SW Macadam Avenue
Suite 450
Portland, OR 97239


Connor W. Kavanaugh has practiced in the areas of Special Needs and Financial Planning since 2012. Originally from Seattle, he calls Oregon home after moving to Portland in 1996. More »

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