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Barbara Sonin developed a passion for the elderly and people with disabilities in her childhood. She treasured time with the neighborhood "grandma" who put candy canes on her pine tree every Christmas and told stories of her native Norway. She saw the difficulties faced by the neighbor with a profoundly disabled son, who took care of him at home at a time when no help was available for that care.

After decades working in financial positions in both large corporations and small start-ups, Barbara decided to pursue a second career as an attorney. She wanted to be a different kind of lawyer, one who is not just a technician. Barbara's goal is to provide a listening ear to help people express their real fears, desires, and goals, so she can address those fears, desires and goals in the plans she crafts.

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At Sonin Law we care about people with disabilities, and those who love them. All parents and grandparents worry about their children’s future. But when your loved one has a disability, you worry even more than most. You fight fiercely for your child’s right to do anything and learn anything that they can. But they may never be able to hold a job which pays enough for a comfortable life. You can plan for their future by setting up a Special Needs Trust (SNT) to hold any money grandparents leave them, and any funds you’re able to set aside for them. A Special Needs Trust can give a person a better life by adding to what is provided by various public benefits. Special Needs Trusts must be set up exactly correctly, and administered exactly correctly, or the beneficiary may lose their benefits. Give Sonin Law a call to discuss how an SNT can help.

What if your loved one’s disability means they can never arrange for their own medical care, pay their own bills, or sign a contract without being taken advantage of? Once your child is 18, they are assumed to have the legal right to take care of all adult responsibilities. To continue to arrange for your child’s medical care, and to protect them from those who might prey on them, you can file for a Limited Conservatorship. A Limited Conservatorship is a court proceeding which appoints a conservator (usually one or both parents) to make decisions on behalf of someone who cannot safely make those decisions. It is a multi-step process involving going to court, so it is best to hire an attorney to help with filing for the conservatorship.


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