Jeannette R. Marsala

Marsala Law Firm, APC

Jeannette R. Marsala

Marsala Law Firm, APC

Jeannette R. Marsala

Marsala Law Firm, APC

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Jeannette R. Marsala (she/hers) takes a heart-centered approach to estate planning to ensure your loved ones are protected. She use her comprehensive legal training to help maximize your loved one’s public benefits, preserve family resources, and enable all family members to live their best lives. Jeannette works with families to ensure they have a Circle of Support and creates a customized Fiduciary Manual to list all care providers, coordinators, employment supports, recreational/social activities and more. This helps to avoid disruptions and keeps the team running smoothly.

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We offer estate planning services focused on your family’s needs. Whether it is to help avoid probate through living trusts, wills, special needs trusts, or assisting with probate after a loved one passes away, we can help you. 

The Marsala Law Firm takes a holistic approach to helping you plan for life’s challenges caused by illness, disability, or financial hardship. We identify present and future care needs, and help families formulate a plan to ensure the quality of life for every member of the family, from your children to your elderly parents or spouse. We are different from traditional estate planning law firms because we are not focused on just asset protection but also on your quality of life. 


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