Julianna M. Malis , LL.M in Estate Planning -Taxation

Santa Barbara Estate Planning & Elder Law

Julianna M. Malis , LL.M in Estate Planning -Taxation

Santa Barbara Estate Planning & Elder Law

Julianna M. Malis , LL.M in Estate Planning -Taxation

Santa Barbara Estate Planning & Elder Law

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Julianna Malis is a nationally recognized estate planning and elder law attorney focusing on traditional estate planning, asset protection and estate administration. She has been practicing law on the Central Coast for over 25 years and is devoted to protecting families and small businesses. 

Julianna helps families stop worrying about the ‘what ifs' in life, and instead prepare for life events through proper estate planning.  As the founder of Santa Barbara Estate Planning Law Group, she brings a family-centered approach to planning, with a focus on practical solutions for families and high net worth individuals. She is also Certified Dementia Practitioner Trainer and Certified Dementia Practitioner and a frequent speaker to public and private groups on issues of estate planning, elder law, and asset protection planning. 

Before forming Santa Barbara Estate Planning Law Group, Julianna practiced consumer protection law. However, after becoming her mother's caregiver while also caring for her own children, Julianna decided she would use her personal experience navigating the elder care life care continuum to help other families. Over the last several years, Julianna has created a law firm that attends to her clients' needs from a ‘holistic' viewpoint, by addressing legal, medical, financial, social, and family issues we encounter every day. Julianna's primary goal is to promote the highest quality of life for her clients. Her intelligent and heart-felt guidance for her clients is reflected in each and every estate and life care plan prepared. She is indeed the trusted advisor families turn to in their time of crisis, providing each person in her care hope and resolution.

She received her J.D. from a top law school—University of the Pacific-McGeorge School of Law (1996), LL.M in Estate Planning-Taxation (1999) and her B.A. in Philosophy from University of California, Santa Barbara (1993). She is an active member of the Trusts & Estates Section of the California State Bar, WealthCounsel and ElderCounsel—both nationally recognized programs for estate planning lawyers that provides top training and continuing education. Julianna also serves on the board of the Santa Barbara County Legal Aid Foundation.

You can contact Julianna for your estate planning needs or for speaking engagement opportunities at julianna@sbelderlaw.com.  

Firm Description

As attorneys and as parents, we know that life events happen. How we prepare for or respond to these life events makes all the difference.

No one should feel helpless or alone when considering what could happen to their family or financial security if they become seriously ill or pass away. Preparing for this scenario now is entirely within our control.

You should not feel helpless or alone either if a crisis has already hit. With the right support and guidance, options are always available.

And that's where we come in.  Our Firm is different than traditional firms. We provide families a welcomed alternative to the traditional lawyer experience, and provide them the ongoing relationship and guidance they need so they can be confident their plan will work exactly as needed when life's transitions occur. We have over 20 years experience to help you make informed decisions based on our unique insights and in-depth knowledge of the law. We want you to have the same five-star experience our clients enjoy, and the confidence and peace of mind knowing that you are in the very best of hands.

How We Can Help

Our responsibility as your trusted family attorney is to make sure your family is completely taken care of at every stage of life—the good times, and the difficult times. Many families turn to us at the beginning of exciting life changes, such as starting a family, buying a home, or starting a business. They also count on us during the tough times, such as when facing a long-term health care diagnosis, feeling concern about outliving a child with special needs, having a loved one become incapacitated, or when a loved one passes away.

We understand it's difficult to even imagine or confront these scenarios, but unfortunately, it can be devastating to our families if we do not. Courtrooms, loss of inheritance, and turmoil naturally occur when families are unprepared or lack the right guidance during a crisis. No one wants that for their family.

With our help, you never have to worry about facing life events alone, or being unprepared. We are here to assist you and protect you each step of the way. By preparing for life events now, you can ensure:

  • Your kids would never be placed in the care of strangers during an emergency, and would be raised by who you want;
  • Your family would avoid a long and expensive court process known as probate;
  • Someone you trust and have chosen can manage your finances during an incapacity;
  • Your aging spouse or parent can receive Medi-Cal or VA benefits, so they don't go broke paying for long term care;
  • Your child with special needs will have the resources, care, and quality of life they need when you are no longer here;
  • Your medical decisions can be made according to your wishes, and by someone you trust;
  • The money you leave behind can be safeguarded from creditors, predators, divorce, and lawsuits;
  • You can leave behind far more than just money.

Getting Started

Most of us want to protect our families and assets, but for whatever reason, we stop short of setting up a will or trust, or revisiting the one we already have.  We want to encourage you to not put off this important task even one more day. The most difficult calls we receive are from those turning to us for help after a crisis has hit. While there are still options available for them, the lack of preparation causes these families unnecessary stress and agony that could have been mitigated had they prepared.

We want your family to be the success story—the family that enjoys all of life's wonderful moments, while fully prepared for any difficult times. And we want you to choose the right people to help you prepare for and navigate these life moments. It will make all the difference. We want your family to count on us

For those who are already facing a crisis and in need of a compassionate family trust attorney to assist you, we extend to you our warmest welcome and assurance that we will do everything possible to resolve your situation, and ensure your protection and care.

No matter what situation you are facing today, we invite you to call (805) 946-1550 to set up a time to meet us for assistance. We can meet in our offices, or talk via phone or video chat if that works better for you. In some cases, we can even send a team member directly to your home or care facility.

Today is the best day to take care of the people you love, we encourage you to give us a call, and we would be honored to help make sure your family is taken care of.


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