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Vinny, as most of his friends and clients call him, founded the Casiano Law Firm and the San Diego Elder Law and Estate Planning Firm in August of 2005. Vinny a former partner of Sorem, Pastore & Casiano, LLP, decided to form his own firm and work with other professionals who devote their practice to serving the needs of seniors and their families. Vinny took over Richard L. Sorem's estate planning practice in 2004 and continues to service the needs of Richard's client's in estate planning, probate and trust administration.

Vinny is not your typical attorney. Although he graduated from one of the top tier law schools in the country -UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco- Vinny 's first career was navigating tankers as an officer in the Merchant Marine after graduating from State University of New York Maritime College at Fort Schuyler in 1983. Upon graduation from Hastings, Vinny decided to open up his own practice and immediately began to practice in the area of estate planning and probate. Early on Vinny realized that most estate planning attorneys were neglecting to address many issues that our elders face near the end of life such as diminished capacity, assitance with normal daily living activities, long-term care costs, financial and physical abuse and undue influence to name a few.

Seeing the need for compasionate attorneys and a firm that is interested in helping seniors and their families with these issues, Vinny began to develop an expertise in the areas that affect seniors the most. Over time Vinny has become an authority in Estate Planning, Medi-Cal planning, Elder Abuse, Probate and Trust Administration, Conservatorships, Special Need Trusts and Will and Trust Disputes. Vinny is a frequent lecturer to Attorneys, Professionals and the Public on these topics and devotes a great deal of time to serving the legal community. Vinny is past chair of the San Diego County Bar Association's Elder Law Section, a fomer fellow to the American Bar Association's Real Property Probate and Trust Section, a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and formerly served on the San Diego County Court's Probate Rules Commitee in addition to his affiiliation and membership in many other professional organizations. Do not hesitate to contact Vinny to see if he can assist your family with your concerns.

Firm Description

Customized and Comprehensive Special Needs Trusts

Vincent M. Casiano, Esq. is a master at creating comprehensive and customized Special Needs Trusts. The purpose of Special Needs Trusts is to preserve the impacted childs ability to maintain much needed public benefits. Whether you are the parent of a physically or developmentally disabled child; an adult who has suffered a traumatic accident, or a senior whose resources will not cover their medical needs, you need an Attorney who has the specific expertise necessary to navigate this particularly confusing area of law. Do not rely on standardized forms or advice from a non-attorney who may not be intimately involved in explaining the law, your options, or posses the ability to customize a plan that is appropriate for you and your loved one!!!!


Firm Practice Areas

Estate Planning:

Comprehensive and Customized Special Needs Trusts - for disabled adult children and seniors Call for our Free Report on the most common mistakes Parents make when planning for a child with Special Needs

Revocable Living Trusts

**properly drafted RLT's can protect assets against former spouses and creditors of your children**

Powers of Attorney for Finances **which can allow asset preservation should Nursing Home placement be necessary- these documents need to be created before incapacity**

Advance Health Care Directives **detailed direction on end of life and quality of life decisions-Not just pull the plug forms**

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust **to avoid inclusion in your estate to minimize the Death Tax**

Probate **Court mandated process when a loved one dies and has over $100,000 in assets held outside of a Trust ? (usually no estate planning at all or just a Will**

Trust Administration **Legal Representation is needed to finalize affairs, Trustees are personally liable for not knowing the Law!!**

Call for our Free Trustee Memo

Conservatorships(contested and non-contested) ** A loved one can no longer handle their own affairs and did not have powers of attorney created while they had capacity to do so**

Call for our Free Memo on Conservatorships

Medi-Cal Planning

Medi-Cal Eligibility **Government assistance to pay for Nursing Home care subject to strict limitations on resources and income**

Call for our Free brochure on Common Misconceptions for Medi-Cal Eligibility

Protection of the Home and other Assets **We can in most cases protect the home from the State demanding reimbursement for Medi-Cal benefits paid**

Call for our Free Memo on Understanding Medi-Cal

Applications and Appeals **Properly completing and submitting documents is essential to gain eligibility but the real value is knowing the intricate rules behind the form**

Minimize of Share of Cost ** Minimize the amount of Medi-Cal beneficiary must pay
Increase of Assets allowed for the Spouse at Home **File petition to increase amount of income or assets a spouse at home may keep**

Nursing Home Admissions **Assist with which Nursing Home to choose**

Avoidance of Medi-Cal Recovery Claims **Avoid or minimize repayment for benefits paid**

Elder Law and Estate Litigation:

Financial Elder Abuse**Seniors are preyed upon - We will file suit to recover assets wrongfully taken** Call for a No Fee Phone Consult with Attorney Casiano

Will and Trust Disputes **We will file suit to determine Validity of Wills Trusts, Undue Influence, recover funds from Trustees or Agents who have embezzled funds from the estate**

Call for a No Fee Phone Consult with Attorney Casiano

Divorce proceedings for Seniors **Seniors have unique issues when if they get divorced. We understand these situations and can better deal with them than a general family lawyer. **

Call for a No Fee Phone Consult with Attorney Casiano

Disclaimer: Any information provided herein is based on general legal principles and should not be relied upon to take any specific action without first consulting with an experienced Elder Law Attorney. 



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