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My Special Financial Planning LLC

Amit Chawla, CFP®, ChSNC®, EA

My Special Financial Planning LLC

Amit Chawla, CFP®, ChSNC®, EA

My Special Financial Planning LLC


Empathetic And Careful Financial Planning Is A Key Component To The Fulfilling Life Of Your Special One

We will focus on your unique situation. Your and your loved ones’ needs, wants, and wishes. I’ll make myself available to answer all your questions. 

Comprehensive Special Needs Planning combines aspects of traditional planning with Special Needs specific planning.

Firm Description

Special Needs Planning

The main concern for parents raising a child with special needs is what will happen to that child once mom and dad can no longer provide their care, financial support, advocacy, and oversight. Usually, a team of specialists (attorneys, planners, trust administrators etc) is needed to navigate the “system” at various stages of planning – from planning their transition to adulthood to planning for your child’s entire life without parents.

One of the biggest transitions for our special needs children is the transition to adulthood, but there are others. For example, the transition from living with parents to living elsewhere, and the transition from parents as primary advocates and care managers to a time when the parents are no longer living or can no longer do their job.

Planning For Unique Needs

Matters that must be addressed in special needs planning include:
• Setting up legal authority, such as guardianships (or possibly powers of attorney)
• Securing public benefits, working with adult services agencies, and setting up supports
• Elements of adult living – Where and with whom will your child live; Who will have authority to advocate for your child; Teaching and learning independent living skills; exploring employment opportunities
• Trusts and providing adequate lifetime financial resources


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