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All of us who are responsible for loved ones with special needs, share a responsibility of caring for our special children during our lifetimes, and more importantly, when we are gone.

My son Jacob was born with a rare genetic condition called Trisomy 9.  I have confronted many of the same challenges that you may have confronted and have taken the steps necessary when moving from the teen years into adulthood.   I have been involved in the special needs community for many years, as a Special Olympics Basketball coach for more than 13 years and in other capacities helping the special needs community.  Additionally, I have been a featured speaker to numerous special needs groups.

Some questions I will help you answer concerning your special needs dependent include:

    •    Who will take care of your special child when you are gone?  Are they qualified to do so, ready to do so, and do they know enough about the needs of your special child?
    •    Have you created a Letter of Intent?
    •    What alternatives are there to create enough wealth to support them?
    •    Should you create a Special Needs Trust?  If so, during life or at your death?
    •    How should a Special Needs Trust be coordinated with your estate planning, and with other family members estates like grandparents?
    •    What public benefits are available to your special child? SSI, SSDI, Medicare, Medi-Cal? Have you structured assets so that they will not be disqualified for these rograms?
    •    Should you get Limited Conservatorship of the person, estate, or both?
These issues must be addressed and coordinated with your own planning.  It can feel overwhelming and complicated.  Our process and expertise will help you develop a plan to understand your options, and just as importantly, take action.

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