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Herb Thomas CLPF

Kairos Fiduciary Services

Herb Thomas CLPF

Kairos Fiduciary Services


Herb Thomas, CLPF, a California licensed private professional fiduciary (CLPF #86), is the principal fiduciary of Kairos Fiduciary Services. Herb has a passion for people. He has extensive experience serving families throughout California with Special Needs Trusts, public benefits counseling and advocacy, Estate/Trust Administration, and Conservatorships. Additionally Herb has served as a board member of Behavioral Intervention Association (a non-profit dedicated to providing intervention services to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families). Herb also served on the board for Legal Assistance for Seniors, East Bay.

Firm Description

We are a private fiduciary services firm, specializing in a broad range of financial and care management services for people with disabilities. We sometimes work with public and private agencies in the delivery of those services. Our primary goal is to meet the lifetime financial and well-being needs of our clients who are located in California and nationally.


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