Cameron Lindahl

Good Shepherd Fund

Cameron Lindahl

Good Shepherd Fund

Cameron Lindahl

Good Shepherd Fund


Cameron serves as the VP of Advancement for Secured Alliance focused on expanding Trustee services for two nonprofits. Secured Futures in the form of Pooled Trust services operating nationally and the Good Shepherd Fund as Trustee for individually-drafted trusts.

In the past, Cameron spent several years directing trust administration, sales, and marketing for a national pooled trust provider. However, his passion for helping the community of disabled people started at a young age when his father became legally blind in his thirties. He started his career by serving one of the lowest-performing schools in Florida, teaching students with special needs and severe behavioral disorders. Cameron remains proud that he was part of the team that successfully earned the status as a "turnaround school.” Cameron's graduate degree in Policy and Evaluation with mixed-methodology research experience helps him translate complex government policies to the legal community and general public.

In his spare time, Cameron relishes time in nature. He and his wife can often be found camping, kayaking, and hiking with their two dogs.

Firm Description

Good Shepherd Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support services to enhance the quality of life of aging adults and people with disabilities. We recognize our clients are more than their diagnosis or condition – they’re fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters who count on us to shape their future. For this reason, we care for each of our clients with the same love and kindness you'd expect from a loving family member or friend. So, whether you’re considering trustee services, care management services, financial oversight, decision-making, or advocacy, we can help you shape the future for you and your loved ones.

Please visit us online at www.GoodShepherdFund.org to learn more.


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