Jacqueline W. O'Connor

Comerica Bank

Jacqueline W. O'Connor

Comerica Bank

Jacqueline W. O'Connor

Comerica Bank


Comerica understands the complexity of SNT administration and the importance of supporting the care of the beneficiary and their family. The Special Needs Solutions team advocates for the beneficiary and partners with the beneficiary’s trusted advisors ensuring the best possible care and living conditions ongoing for the beneficiary adjusting care or housing as the beneficiary’s disabilities dictate.

Additionally, as a professional fiduciary, Comerica works with other professionals to avoid jeopardizing a beneficiary’s eligibility for needs-based government assistance such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income.

You can rely on Comerica for any of the following special needs trust responsibilities:

  • Coordinating appropriate benefits
  • Filing annual financial reports as required by the courts and benefit providers
  • Preparing annual budgets for approval
  • Paying bills for approved services and expenses
  • Evaluating insurance – maintaining or assessing appropriate coverage
  • Facilitating professional services – legal, tax preparation
  • Working closely with the guardian and caregivers – balancing physical needs with financial needs
  • Establishing care for the physical and personal needs of an individual and/or family under various circumstances

Proper planning can enable a comfortable lifestyle for loved ones without compromising government benefits eligibility. It can also help to ensure appropriate arrangements for the continued care, companionship and financial support of a disabled family member. The knowledge and expertise that Comerica provides in administering special needs trusts provides you with peace of mind knowing your family member is cared for properly.

Jacqueline W. O'Connor, Vice President, National Special Needs Solutions, Comerica Trust

Firm Description

Proper financial planning and administration can enable a comfortable lifestyle for loved ones without compromising their eligibility for government benefits.

While financial planning and estate planning are challenging exercises in the best of circumstances, the complexity of designing an effective plan increases significantly for families where one or more members have special needs. A family seeking to qualify for public benefits encounters additional government regulations that influence providing support for and transferring assets to family members with special needs. The solution may be a Special Needs Trust (SNT) which provides supplemental resources to a beneficiary.


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