BOOK REVIEW: A Consumer's Disability Insurance Guide


Alan Checkoway, RHU. A Consumer's Disability Insurance Guide. (ElderCare Publishing Co., Inc. , Newton, MA: 2003). 213 pages.

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When you or someone you love becomes disabled, the last thing you need is to fight for the benefits to which you're entitled. But the sad fact is that you may have to, particularly if you don't dot all the "I's" and cross all the "T's" on your initial application and supporting documents.

In this invaluable guide, Alan Checkoway explains the ins and outs of filing claims and appeals for both long-term disability and Social Security disability. Bringing to the subject more than 30 years of experience in the disability insurance industry, Checkoway explains how to file a claim the right way, tips to avoid having your claim turned down, when you need an attorney and when you don't, and how to qualify for Social Security disability, among other topics. He is particularly skilled at helping applicants see things from the perspective of a disability claims examiner and thereby steer clear of statements or actions that might send up red flags. But Checkoway says that many long-term disability claims are nevertheless denied unnecessarily, so he helps readers understand and navigate the appeals process as well.

Other sections of the book offer advice on purchasing disability insurance, coping with lifestyle changes brought on by disability, and the rights of the disabled.

While many people have life insurance, Checkoway notes that it is seven times more likely that an individual will become disabled than die during their working life. If disability strikes you or a loved one, this information-packed book could help you get the benefits you deserve.

Note: While A Consumer's Disability Insurance Guide is currently available only as an electronic document that is downloaded to your computer, a hard-copy version will be available in October 2007. Article Last Modified: 06/14/2008