Financial Planning Checklist for Parents of Children with Special Needs

For those raising a child with special needs, the daily needs of the child can overwhelm parents' ability to focus on their children's long-term financial security. To help manage this problem, Massachusetts Mutual and Easter Seals have released a 10-point set of guidelines to help parents of special needs children ensure their child's financial future. The question-and-answer checklist is intended to answer general long-term financial questions, as well as address issues parents may not be aware of, such as determining the financial needs of the child's guardians and notifying close friends and family of their estate plans.

The guidelines are intended to "lay the groundwork" for a secure financial future for children with special needs. For further information on planning the financial future of children with special needs, the checklist notes brochures and information resources that provide further information. These brochures may be ordered free of charge by contacting Massachusetts Mutual through their Web site. Article Last Modified: 10/23/2006