Newsletter Focuses on Federal Legislation Affecting Individuals With Disabilities

Although each person with special needs overcomes his or her unique set of challenges, it is certain that almost all people with special needs will, at one time or another, require services or programs that have something to do with the federal government.

Unfortunately, many families have so much on their plates just dealing with the day to day issues facing their family member with special needs that they often don't stay abreast of the latest goings on in Washington - the routine hearings and small items in pieces of legislation which could significantly effect their family member later on.

The ARC and United Cerebral Palsy have teamed up to create the Disability Policy Collaboration, an organization designed to further the national goals of the special needs community. As part of this effort, the Disability Policy Collaboration publishes a newsletter, Washington Watch, which keeps families informed about the most important issues currently being debated in Congress and elsewhere. This well written, concise newsletter is a great asset for families who are looking to become more involved (or maybe just more up-to-date) with legislation and policy effecting their family's future.

To read the current issue of Washington Watch, click here. Article Last Modified: 05/21/2008