Michelle Tuschinski

Michelle Tuschinski, Attorney at Law

Michelle Tuschinski

Michelle Tuschinski, Attorney at Law

Michelle Tuschinski

Michelle Tuschinski, Attorney at Law

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Michelle Tuschinski is an experienced Trust and Estates attorney with a passion for the law and an intellectual desire to safeguard individual and business wealth. As a highly skilled and conscientious attorney, she concentrates her practice on providing middle class families access to the wealth planning elements previously considered exclusive only to the rich.

Michelle is a 2005 graduate of Florida State University College of Law. There she was selected for Law Review and graduated with distinction. She is licensed to practice law in Virginia, Texas, and Florida.

Michelle’s career started with estate planning where she developed her skills drafting high-end estate documents and learning the art of forging air-tight trusts. Most importantly she discovered that the value of empathy and forming a strong relationship with clients is the heart of this business. She can honestly claim these original clients are close friends to this day. Over the course of her 18 year career she explored contract law and criminal law but ultimately returned to her passion, estate planning.

As the spouse of a retired military officer, Michelle lived around the world building close relationships with diverse families witnessing and experiencing all of life’s challenges. Currently, she and her husband live south of Washington DC and are the proud parents of three school-aged boys and a little girl. They are always on the go and enjoy sports, school activities, and going to the beach.

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At Michelle Tuschinski, Attorney at Law, we believe that estate planning is an act of love. Our firm is committed to protecting your family’s future and the legacy that you continue to build. Everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with a well-crafted estate plan—something not just reserved for the wealthy. No matter what stage of life you find yourself, we are here to create a custom estate plan to ensure your loved ones are protected and your legacy endures.

As a mother of four, Michelle knows the importance of safeguarding your family’s well-being. Protecting her loved ones is her priority, and she brings that personal experience and compassion to her practice. She’s not just an attorney; she’s your trusted ally in creating a secure future for those you care about most. You may not live forever, but you can provide something that will last beyond your lifetime. Michelle Tuschinski, Attorney at Law, is committed to empowering you to protect your family and create a legacy that will last for generations. Let us be the legal partner you can trust. No one can control the future, but we will help you plan for it.


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