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Allison Schaberg

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Allison Schaberg

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Consolidated Planning Group is here to support your family with special needs as you plan for the future.  If you are concerned about the financial future of your child with a disability, reach out for a conversation.  We are here for you!

As a National Social Security Advisor, we will answer all your questions about SSI and SSDI.  Our advisors are deeply knowledgeable about the concerns related to special needs.  We are ready to help you!

Allison Schaberg has spent more than 25 years in the insurance and financial services industry. Owner and Managing Partner of Consolidated Planning Group, she operates an agency in Sugar Land, TX serving Texas and clients throughout the U.S.  Allison and her team are focused on helping their clients reach their financial goals and objectives through holistic and comprehensive financial planning.

Allison was humbled years ago when she first began philanthropic work with a charity that focused on children and their families with life threatening and disabling illnesses. Although she had been in the industry for some time and knew what the devastating effects of "failing to plan" were, she had never really seen them exposed so significantly before. Turns out, that experience was only priming Allison as a Special Needs Planning advocate and future in serving in the special needs community.

No stranger to special needs, Allison has navigated the rough waters of special needs in her own immediate family. Allison says that it's important that we all take the necessary steps to plan for our financial future as we could realistically spend more than 30 years in retirement. When it comes to special needs, the need for planning is drastically increased when you have a  family member that may need care for the rest of their life."

Through adequate savings and a solid financial plan, Allison saw first hand the difference insurance and proper planning made for her own family. For this and many other reasons, Allison is very passionate about the work she does. She believes wholeheartedly that we are making a difference in the lives of our clients, one client at a time!

Allison is married to her wonderful husband Jeff. They are proud of their four children who range in age from 16 to 30 They are active members at River Pointe Church. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, nature, scuba diving, and photography.

Firm Description

Consolidated Planning Group supports the special needs family through education, consulting, and financial products and services. Special Needs Financial Planner Allison Schaberg and her team help families with special needs find solutions and confidence as they plan for the future.  

Here is are the important things you need to consider as you plan for your future:

  • How to Develop a Comprehensive Special Needs Care Plan

  • Future Care Cost Estimates

  • Texas Waivers - Interest Lists 

  • SSI & SSDI - Understanding the Differences and Knowing When to Apply

  • ABLE Accounts

  • Beneficiary Designations

  • Special Needs Trusts - How to Fund Them 

  • Child Support After 18 Redirected to a Special Needs Trust

  • Start Touring Residential Living Facilities at Age 15

  • Guardianship, Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, or Supported Decision Making

  • Consider Guardianship 6 Months Before Turning 18

  • Post High School Education Options

  • Waiting Lists for Community-Based Care Facilities

Contact us today to get started with your personalized special needs financial planning!  Call 281-690-1177 or make your free appointment here:  https://calendly.com/consolidatedplanninggroup/initial-consultation-zoom-with-allison?back=1&month=2021-09

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