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Beth Freudenburg

Curate Finance

Beth Freudenburg

Curate Finance


Life has taken me to many places, asked a great deal, but has always provided me with more than I expected or belived possible. In return, my mission is to give back at every opportunity. I am the mother of two grown boys who have been my inspiration while working in an area that I truly love on behalf of families who inspire me every day.

Most of my families have one member who is developmentally or intellectually disabled. Helping families navigate the complex landscape of adutl transition, applying for and keeping public benefits, working while disabled, a parent retiring, or helping a dependent work toward an inclusive, meaningful, or more independent life is what I do best.

My best days are spent helping families learn how their money works in these circumstances, how to grow it, how to protect it, and how to position themselves to spend and enjoy more of it so they are happier now while strengthening their ability to pass on a lifetime of support. 

Whether just starting out or are anticipating retirement, I can help you make sense of what you have so you never have to wonder what to expect or worry about what happens to your disabled child later in life.

Firm Description

Curate Finance is a full service financial planning firm dedicated to assisting families of the disabled. We provide consultation services as well as full financial plans for families and individuals.We are compassionate, experienced and dedicated to helping families with special needs individuals secure their financial future. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that these families face, and we are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized financial planning services that address their specific needs.


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