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Faisal Al Hashim, ChSNC®

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Faisal Al Hashim, ChSNC®

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Driven by his own experiences as a caretaker for his younger brother with special needs, Faisal is passionately committed to helping families facing similar situations by offering them expert guidance and streamlined access to resources for special needs financial planning. His deep understanding of these unique challenges emphasizes the benefit of having a trusted advisor to effectively coordinate resources and simplify the planning process.

Faisal founded Maxiam Capital with a clear vision: to establish special needs financial planning as a key component within the larger framework of helping families navigate the intricacies of private wealth management. This focus on special needs financial planning is a core part of Maxiam Capital's offerings, reflecting Faisal's dedication to this cause. The firm stands as a trusted resource for families in need of guidance and support, aiming to secure a stable and bright future for their loved ones with special needs. 


Firm Description

At Maxiam Capital, your journey is personal. You’re not just a client but a valued partner with unique aspirations. Our purpose? To navigate the path to your financial success through trust, integrity, and shared accomplishments. Together, we’re more than a team—we’re architects of your financial future.

We offer a full suite of services, including financial planning, direct investment management, and special needs financial planning. Our expertise lies in crafting custom-tailored solutions that strategically align with your circumstances and objectives. Guided by our commitment to fostering financial acumen, we also offer an exclusive financial education program. This program is thoughtfully designed to deepen your knowledge of your investments, the planning process, and our core investment principles.

We believe well-informed clients are better equipped to make sound financial decisions, resulting in increased confidence in their financial future.


Prioritizing Special Needs in Wealth Management

At Maxiam Capital, we understand the unique financial challenges families with special needs members face. Guided by a Private Wealth Advisor with a Chartered Special Needs Consultant designation, we meticulously craft personalized financial plans to align with the distinct circumstances and aspirations of individuals with special needs.

Life is in a constant state of flux, as are the needs of your loved ones, and your financial strategy for special needs must be versatile enough to adapt. At Maxiam Capital, we’re dedicated to forging dynamic financial blueprints that serve as adaptable frameworks, evolving with your family’s shifting necessities and conditions. Be it changes in public benefits, breakthroughs in medical treatments, or a reshaping of your personal ambitions, our committed team stands ready to collaborate closely with you, recalibrating your financial strategy to ensure alignment with your objectives.

Maxiam Capital is ready to assist with a personalized special needs financial plan tailored to your circumstances. With our devoted team by your side, we’ll simplify your financial journey and lay the foundation for a secure future for you and your loved ones.


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