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PF Wealth Management Group

Frank Paré, CFP®, ChSNC®

PF Wealth Management Group

Frank Paré, CFP®, ChSNC®

PF Wealth Management Group


Welcome to my firm, PF Wealth Management Group. Contrary to some beliefs "PF" is not based on my initials arranged in reverse. The letters "PF" stands for "People First" and building a practice based on client-centered financial services.

Having an investment strategy is not enough, we believe having a financial "life" plan that's aligned with your values and goals is crucial. Therefore, we help our clients by first helping them articulate their values and life goals before we create their financial plan and strategy. We believe that by capturing our clients' values and goals first, it helps them gain a greater sense of purpose.

Once we have created their plan, we implement so to increase their chances of achieving success. Our clients are usually very busy, so having more discretionary time is their form of real wealth.

We work best with individuals who are open-minded, passionate about life and want to make a difference in the lives of others. They view "planning" as central to their success in life. As a result, our clients are often individuals who are charge with caring for others. They might lead small businesses, non-profit organizations, or work in home health service companies.
With over 30 years in financial services, a couple of college degrees, and few awards, nothing compares to having a relationship with our clients and them knowing my firm is with them through the ups and downs of the market and life transitions.

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Special Needs Planning

People-First is recognizing that we are all people first and that we are not defined by our disabilities or our abilities.


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