Autism Association Publishes Academy Co-Founder's 'Nine Costly Mistakes'

Academy of Special Needs Planners (ASNP) co-founder Diedre Wachbrit's article "9 Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Planning for Your Special Needs Child" appears in the March 30, 2007, edition of the US Autism & Asperger Association's Weekly News. The Weekly News reaches 25,000 subscribers.

In addition to being an ASNP co-founder, Ms. Wachbrit is one of the nation's leading estate planning attorneys. A first-in-her-class graduate of Stanford Law School, she has been Certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law. She practices law in Westlake Village, California.

To read a copy of the newsletter and the "9 Costly Mistakes" article, click here.

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