ASNP included in Today show viewer Q&A

NBC Today Show's Financial Editor, Jean Chatzky, included the Academy of Special Needs Planners in a viewer Q&A, "Money 911: How to plan for special-needs child?" on June 4, 2009. In response to a question from a viewer, who has a child with Down syndrome, Jean offers some advice about special needs trusts and encourages families with special needs to seek the advice of a special needs planner. She adds that "the best way to find one is through the Special Needs Alliance or the Academy of Special Needs Planners". The mention of ASNP appears in the transcript (along with a link to the ASNP website).

Click here to access the transcript of "Money 911: How to plan for special-needs child?".

This is a great placement for ASNP which positions the organization and its members as leaders in the field of special needs planning, and we are especially pleased that the recommendation to contact ASNP came from such a highly respected financial expert and was delivered to a very large consumer audience--the Today shows website alone has a circulation of 83,000, and it is powered by and featured on the msnbc site, which has a circulation of 26.2 million.

In addition to serving as financial editor for the Today show, Jean Chatzky is an editor at large for Money magazine, host of her own radio show, finance commentator for Oprah & Friends and contributor to a host of additional outlets. We will continue reaching out to Jean to share more about ASNP and ELA in hopes of facilitating additional future coverage. Article Last Modified: 11/19/2009